What makes Exceleration unique? Exceleration specializes in tumbling and hires only the best coaches! Many other gyms only focus on their competitive teams and neglect students who are strictly interested in non-competitive tumbling, often hiring coaches that have little or no tumbling background to teach their classes. At Exceleration, we pay our coaches on average 25% more than other gyms in order to employ the best coaches possible. We are dedicated to making sure that every student in every skill-level, from tot tumbling to our competitive all star teams, has a strong tumbling foundation!


Our fast paced tumbling courses will teach your child the proper techniques and skills to become a strong, well-rounded tumbler!​


Pre-School Gym

​Introductory classes that focus on strength and coordination, flexibility, overall fitness, and the development of basic skills—cartwheels, handstands, straddle rolls, etc.​​

All Star Cheer

Our All Star competitive cheerleading squads have received several local and national awards, including a 1st place title at USA Nationals.​